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Grace & Stella Co - Lavender Essential Oil

Grace & Stella Co - Lavender Essential Oil

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Calm Yourself. Promoting relaxation and used to treat anxiety, headaches, depression, insomnia, and more, lavender essential oil is the upgrade your self-care routine has been craving. You've never known a more peaceful sleep - lavender oil is infamous in the aromatherapy world for boosting sleepiness and reduces the effects of insomnia, and relieves stress and muscle tension for a relaxed body. Boost mood, soothe stress, and combat feelings of anxiety - sign us up.

HAVE BETTER SLEEP - Use Lavender Essential Oil to relax and soothe your body to be well-rested! Be confident and look your best, being rejuvenated and relaxed.

NO MORE TENSION - fight muscle tension and cramps and enjoy "me-time" while taking steps to soothe your body. Achieve restful sleep and relaxation today.

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