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Pretty Good Cards - Holographic "Cool S" 90s Sticker

Pretty Good Cards - Holographic "Cool S" 90s Sticker

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This rad holographic sticker pays tribute to the “Cool S” so many of us scribbled onto our notebooks, Chucks, younger siblings, etc., throughout the ‘90s and beyond. Who knew it had an actual name, right? Or that it was so lame? If we ran the zoo, we’d name it… Puma McStryker.

Size: 1.5” × 3”

Material: weatherproof high-gloss holographic vinyl

Adhesive: permanent Safe for: water bottles, laptops, vehicles

A small but mighty portion of all sales (including this one!) is donated to the Maggie Daley Center for Women's Cancer Care at Northwestern in memory of the illustrator's mom, Pam, the original PGC.

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